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Ready to get started?
  1. Download the enrollment form below
  2. Fill out your information in the top box of the spreadsheet
  3. Fill in the lower portion with each of your breeding animals' and their guardians' information 
  4. Save the form to your computer
  5. Click "Submit" below to attach your form and email it to us!
What's next?

Billing notification  

You will receive a billing notification from ALAA, which will handle all billing and payment information. Once your payment is made to ALAA, your enrollment can be processed. 

Enrollment processed 

Your enrollment will be processed on the 1st of the following month. New enrollments are subject to a waiting period of 5 days for injuries and 30 days for illnesses before coverage begins. 


For example, pets with forms submitted on April 1 will be enrolled on May 1. Coverage for new injuries would begin on May 6, and coverage for new illnesses would begin on May 31.  

Policy documents sent 

Once your enrollment is complete, you—or the guardian listed—will receive policy documents detailing your policy coverage.  

Receive your welcome kit 

Within 4 weeks of signing up, you or the guardian listed will receive a welcome kit for each enrolled dog with a special “Pupkin” pet ID tag. 






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