Australian Labradoodle Association of America FAQs


Get the scoop on the ins and outs of your Trupanion benefit through the ALAA. If you still have questions, we're here to help. Email or call 877.337.0570.

Which dogs are eligible?

Coverage through ALAA is available to all your breeding dogs and potential breeding dogs who are under 6 years at the time they’re enrolled. Once they’re enrolled, they can keep their coverage for the rest of their life, regardless of breeding status.

If you’d like to insure any other animals not in your breeding program, feel free to give us a call at 877.337.0570 or enroll online at

When does coverage start?

Enrollments are deferred to the 1st of the following month after they are received. After enrollment, there is a waiting period before coverage begins. This waiting period is 5 days for any injuries and 30 days for illnesses. So if you sign up on April 15, the enrollment will process on May 1, coverage for injuries starts on May 6, and coverage for illnesses starts May 31.

Some of my dogs are placed with guardian homes. Are they still eligible?

Yes. When you sign up, you’ll include the guardian home’s contact information so they’ll be added to your account. If you sign up a dog before placing them in a guardian home, you will need to add the guardian to the policy as a secondary owner by notifying ALAA of the placement.

After a guardian is added, they can receive reimbursements for covered expenses from Trupanion. However, the breeder is ultimately responsible for the monthly cost, and any repayment plan will need to be negotiated between you and your guardian.

How do the Go Home Day Offers from Trupanion work with this benefit?

You are not allowed to use a Go Home Day offer for pets that you are keeping in your home. If you want to sign up a pet in a guardian home through your ALAA benefit, the Go Home Day Offer is not valid either.

What if my dogs already have Trupanion?

If you’re already a Trupanion member, please include your policy number on the enrollment sheet you’ll submit. Your pets who are currently insured will be added to the group rate plan.

If you have non-breeding pets currently insured with Trupanion that you would like to enroll via ALAA, please contact us at 877.337.0570.

What if I have a policy with another company?

In most cases, we do not recommend cancelling your other insurance policy, as any conditions currently covered will be pre-existing conditions and not covered by your new Trupanion policy. You may find value in using Trupanion as a secondary insurance to enhance your existing coverage.

Trupanion will still pay 90% of covered costs for any new injuries and illnesses, and often has broader coverage.

How do I pay for my coverage?

You will receive a billing notification from ALAA for all of the breeding animals you sign up. ALAA will handle all billing and payment information with you. It is your responsibility to remit payment for all of your covered breeding animals—including those in guardian homes.

When can I sign my dogs up? Is there an "open enrollment" period?

You can sign up or add pets to your policy at any time. Your enrollment will be processed and waiting periods will start on the first of the following month.



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