Coverage FAQs

Learning about pet health insurance can be difficult and often hard to understand. We want to make sure you know what you're getting from your coverage.

What does my policy cover?

Simply put, your policy covers 90% of the cost to treat all new injuries and illnesses—including conditions your pet's breed may be prone to (hereditary and congenital conditions). This includes things like diagnostic testing, surgeries, medication, prescribed supplements, prosthetic devices, pet wheelchairs, and more.

If you want to get into the nitty-gritty details, be sure to check out your policy, available in the "My pets" tab of your account under "My documents."

What's not covered?

  • Pre-existing conditions
  • Wellness or preventive care
  • Elective or cosmetic procedure (ear cropping or dew claw removal)
  • Exam fees
  • Sales tax (where applicable)

Why is wellness and preventive care not covered?

Don't get us wrong, wellness and preventive care are super important! But we want to provide you the best value—and covering wellness care really doesn't really add any value. We know, that sounds kind of weird, but hear us out: providing you the best value means covering the things that you're not prepared for and that are often the most costly. Medical insurance is to here to help you face the unexpected.

In short, the best treatment plan for your pet is the one decided by you and your veterinarian—not an insurance company. Insurance companies should never manage or dictate your relationship with your veterinarian. Your veterinarian is the expert on your pet’s health, and they can and should choose which preventive care programs or what treatments are best for your pet.

It just makes more sense for pet owners to pay their veterinarian directly for expected costs than to pay through an insurance company “middleman” with an added mark up. Plus, why would you want to pay year after year for a microchip or spay/neuter surgery, when your pet only needs it one time?

Just as you don’t use insurance to buy new furniture for your home or an oil change for your car, you wouldn't use your pet's insurance to buy leashes and toys—these things you just expect to pay for. And like leashes and toys, regular checkups, vaccines, and flea control are just other expected costs that come with having a pet in your family.

Do I have coverage at specialists and emergency hospitals?

Yep! If you're referred to a specialist or visit an emergency hospital, you're still eligible for the same 90% coverage for all eligible costs. Please remember that the exam fee is your responsibility, so if you're charged a specialist or emergency fee, they'll be regarded as the same.

Do you cover prescription pet foods?

Yes, the Trupanion policy covers 50% of the cost of prescription pet foods, less the deductible and 10% coinsurance, when recommended by your veterinarian for the treatment of covered injuries or illnesses for up to two months of feeding.

Are we covered while we're traveling?

Yes, you’re covered under your policy while you travel throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Australia.

Am I limited to a list of veterinarians in your network?

No, you may visit any licensed veterinarian in the US, Puerto Rico, or Canada.

How do you determine pre-existing conditions?

If your pet had a condition or showed symptoms, even if it wasn't officially diagnosed, before their coverage began, that condition is considered pre-existing and ineligible for coverage.

When you submit a claim we look at your pet's medical records from 18 months before you enrolled through any waiting periods to determine whether the condition is pre-existing. We look for medical evidence to separate your pet's claimed condition from anything they had beforehand, so we can pay your claim.

What is a deductible and how does it work?

A deductible is the monetary amount that you pay for each illness or injury before you can receive reimbursement or payment for eligible medical expenses.

The deductible is a lifetime per incident deductible. This means it is applied only once to any given condition during the lifetime of your pet. Once the deductible amount has been met for any given injury or illness, all future medical costs associated with that injury or illness will be eligible for coverage.

Do I have to pay my deductible for every visit?

Goodness, no! This is a common misconception about our policy, so let us reassure you—while it may take more than one visit to meet your deductible, you do not have to pay it every time you visit your vet.

Does my deductible reset every year?

Nope! That's the benefit of how our deductible works: once you meet it for a condition, you never have to pay it again.





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